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Inherited Arts began in 2008, we’ve been on a mission to help individuals, startups and multinationals in their digital services requirement.

In 7 years, we’ve noticed a lot of technology trends that come and go. But one thing that has never changed is our dedication, commitment and eagerness to learn more and more, and that makes us different and creative.

Today, we have been providing digital services where we help people and companies with Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Designing, Development and Digital Marketing needs. We have also been into Product Development where we work with companies and entrepreneurs to create smart intelligent products. We focus in learning and try to make it easy for everyone!

Why choose Inherited Arts


We have some really nice and helpful people in our services department that are always happy to provide you with consultation, strategy and end-to-end services and support. Our team is by chat, Skype, phone, or via email — to help you with best possible way.


Catering from simple function portals to some enterprise level sites, we have a platform that fits you perfectly. Complete Strategy development, case study, agile implementation and execution, Inherited Arts help you understand the process and make it done for you.


Inherited Arts gives you more for your money than any other company. We believe in values and make sure our quality standards through entire process are up to our mark.